There’s Room in the Mead Hall!

The best thing about being in a band like Pictus, is there’s little competition with bands like us. For so many *ahem* “normal” bands they’re continually fighting for stage time, air time and attention. The world of Pictus is a world where there’s room for everyone.

We don’t hide the fact that we are inspired, impressed and moved by those in our world of bagpipes and drums. We make no apologies for borrowing from their rucksack of music and performance. We never pretended to be 100% original. What we (and by “we”, I mean each individual band) are, is genuine. We believe in what we’re doing and we don’t compete with each other, but drink from the same musical drinking horn. It’s not just a “show” for us or an easy way to get drunk, make money and cavort with fair maidens or lads. We can be found sharing a stage, making noise, raising a glass or just enjoying each other’s musical talents whenever our paths may cross.

It’s in that spirit that I’d like to introduce to you, our dear members of Clann Pictus, those bands who are our inspiration, motivation and even our friends. (This is by no means a comprehensive list, just those who we know, listen to and are familiar with.)

Corvus Corax: We continually turn to this group of incredible showmen for ideas and inspiration. They continually push the envelope of what can be done with medieval music.  Using shawms, citterns, drums from all over the world and a giant hurdy-gurdy, they create an unparalleled sound .

CuDubh: This is the group we met in KC (before they were even Cu Dubh) and said “This is awesome!” And thus the twinkle in our eye that would eventually become Pictus was born.  The level of talent in this group is amazing. They are prolific songwriters, amazing musicians and damn fine people to drink and party with!

Wolgemut: We just recently discovered them and are devouring any video we can find of them. Amazing showmen!

Albannach: Although to many, it seems they may have recently digressed into the “get drunk, make money and cavort with fair maidens” camp (which we don’t consider a fault by any means!) you can’t deny they’re instrumental and influential in the world of primal drums and pipes (mostly drums.) They can certainly draw a crowd, so we gotta give ’em props!

So go check ’em out! Buy their CDs and support the bands who sit alongside us in the great mead hall that is music! And when you do look them up, tell ’em PICTUS sent you!